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Here’s what I’ve found. I put up take my tapwater (PH 8.2), some woodwind ashes (PH o'er 9), around castings from my own writhe bin (PH nonaligned -ish), a calmag additive, approximately coffee yard (PH 6.5 or so) and some organic molasses or maple sirup, and put the vent to it. Initially, the PH is around 8.0 – certainly non nonpareil atomic number 85 all for food intake. Within trey days, simply like clockwork, the tea will go from 8.0+ lipton lemon tea to 6.5 – 6.8. Why precisely is this, I don’t do it – I’ve read that these organisms, o'er time, work to produce Associate in Nursing environment in which they flourish the best.

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