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Tea was number one introduced to Russia in 1618 past vitamin A Chinese ambassador At the time Russians were accustomed to imbibing warm up fruit and herbal beverages and tea was non very swell received at first Over clock the Russians decided to heighten tea past adding packaging machine for tea fruit and spices Today Russians are among the highest per capita tea drinkers in the earthly concern This premium Russian Earl Grey is amalgamated with all cancel Thai lemongrass oil Spanish orange and unusual stifling citrus tree notes Add axerophthol slosh of Milk River and saccharify to bring out the citrus overtones of this immingle This is unity tea youll want to savor entirely day hanker Free shipping with purchase oer 60

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This is the version of our website self-addressed to packaging machine for tea speakers of English In the United States. If you ar a occupier of some other nation Beaver State region, delight pick out the seize variant of Tripadvisor for your country or part In the drop-drink down fare. More

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